Sicily to Discover

Medimare’s position, located 60 km west of Messina, makes it the ideal place to carry out a series of tourist routes within the province of Messina, but also the point starting point for excursions throughout Sicily.

Sicily offers the opportunity to introduce its guests to the wealth of cultures that have marked the history of its territory, enhancing the art, architecture and cuisine of each part of it.


A different perspective, which will make you discover extraordinary places. We will discover the Aeolian Islands together.


The Aeolian Islands need no introduction, they are one of the most beautiful naturalistic points in the world. The archipelago, of volcanic origin, is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of the Sicilian coast. It includes two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano, as well as various phenomena of secondary volcanism. The island of Vulcano is a destination for excursions to the crater of the volcano and beyond: you can bathe in pools of natural mud, which give benefits to the skin and lungs, as the sulfur fumes inhaled are very good for health, and you can go to the black beaches that are certainly worth a visit.

Lipari, the largest and most lively of the Aeolian islands is worth a visit for its beautiful old town and for tasting Capers and Malvasia !!!! Panarea, the island most frequented by VIPs, thanks to its tranquility, the beauty of its hidden beaches and the total absence of cars, as circulation is forbidden.


Patti is a town in the metropolitan city of Messina that hosts the Medimare Residence Club. Located on a double hill near the Tyrrhenian Sea, Patti is located in the center of the homonymous gulf that goes from Capo Milazzo to Capo Calavà. The town has an important historical center defined by many as “a living crib”, due to the ancient and present pavement of its narrow streets and the architecture of its houses.

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It is a fraction of the municipality of Patti located on the promontory overlooking the Lakes of Marinello, at the top of which is the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Tindari, destination of religious pilgrimages. Tindari is also characterized by the abundance of Roman historical artifacts, which were the basis for the construction of the city of Patti, in fact the archaeological area of the Greek Theater of Tindari, the amphitheater seat of representations of all the arts, is very famous. which hosted and still hosts famous artists.

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Very famous for its splendid medieval castle, which stands on a hill overlooking and dominates the homonymous village. We are at about 900 meters above sea level, it is one of the 9 municipalities of the island that are part of the club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy.

The flourishing medieval village has become, for some years now, a must-see for tourists who want to discover the truest and wildest Sicily, both for the historical, architectural and landscape heritage, and for the folkloristic and gastronomic traditions that it possesses . The mysterious megaliths of Argimusco are worth a visit.


Located under the promontory of the Sanctuary of Tindari, the lagoon area of Marinello is subjected to many morphological variations of the territory which, by modifying the coast, create brackish coastal lakes.

The transport on the coast of sand and gravel is due to the deepening of the seabed, due to the action, in this case, of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The origin of the Marinello Lakes is traced back to 1877, after the “election” of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, which supported the non-existence of the sandy formation that was already present. On the facing walls there are several caves.


In ancient times Milazzo was recognized as a Roman civitas and the city was also at the center of history during the First Punic War and in 1860 in the great Battle of Milazzo. It has a beautiful old village and a historic castle, recently renovated, and its peninsula that extends to the north is a naturalistic point of great charm, dotted with rocky inlets.
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Taormina was born as a tourist city, because Siculi, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens chose it to stay there for a long time and not only for political reasons. The Normans, in particular, consecrated it as a residential tourist center and became, since then, a center of congresses and conferences, visits and stays. Taormina lies on the cliff and below it there are the beautiful beaches that wind between cliffs up to touch the small points that emerged in the sea.

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The Alcantara Gorges, also known as Larderia, are located in the Alcantara Valley where the Peloritani mountain range ends. They are gorges high up to 25 meters and wide at the narrowest points 2 meters and at the widest points 4-5 meters. The natural canyon, unlike what is commonly thought, has not been excavated over thousands of years by water. The appearance of the river in the section of the Gorges is believed to date back to the magma flows of the last 8,000 years.


It is located on the northern Sicilian coast, about 80 km from the Medimare Residence, at the foot of a rocky promontory. It is one of the largest seaside resorts in the entire region; despite its size, every year it attracts a significant flow of local, national and foreign tourists who, in the summer period, triple the population, making the main squares and the most important streets of the country crowded. The town, which is part of the Madonie Park, stands out for its great artistic, cultural and historical significance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, the liveability and the services to the citizens. In the main square there is the Cathedral of Cefalù, which in 2015 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


It rises on the Torace hill, a relief of north-western Peloritans, near the banks of the Longano torrent. The urban center has a medieval imprint, with narrow and steep streets and lanes, paved with a typical stone pavement, which open onto squares and breathtaking viewpoints. To visit the Duomo, inside which there are many eighteenth-century paintings and a sundial with a dark room.


The city of Catania boasts a long history characterized by various dominations whose remains enrich its artistic, architectural and cultural heritage. Under the Aragonese dynasty it was the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily and is home to the oldest University on the island. It is a fascinating place that boasts a stupendous historic center, inserted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Great white and black buildings stand guard over baroque squares and lively markets. Etna looms nearby and adds a touch of emotion to the lively city.


Palermo is less than 200 km from Medimare, so it can be visited in a day. With its Cathedrals, its palaces, its markets, the liveliness of Palermo and the excellent cuisine will make you live an unforgettable experience. The city of Palermo over the centuries has been dominated by different peoples, including the Spaniards, the Arabs and the Normans, who have shaped with their culture the beauty of the preserved styles and today present in the architecture and in the same physiognomy of the Palermo, living witnesses of their passage.

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Santo Stefano di Camastra is best known throughout the world as the “country of ceramics”, a very active center on the borders of the provinces of Palermo and Messina. A particular country, one of a kind: wherever you turn, you see dishes, tiles, mosaics, all made of colorful ceramics. The refined workmanship, the refinement of the colors, the patience of the artists, make Stefano ceramics a sought-after product everywhere.


Very interesting is the Thermal Spa of Terme Vigliatore where thermal treatments (mud, aerosol, inhalations, insufflations, etc.) are arranged with the S.S.N. behind regular booking to combine physical well-being with a stay at the beach at our facility.