The location of camping Medimare lying 50 km west of Messina, makes it the ideal place to carry out a series of tourist routes within the province of Messina, and it is also the starting point for excursions in Sicily

It stands on the hill chest, a survey of Peloritani Northwest, near the banks of the river Longano. The city center is in Medieval style, with streets, narrow alleys and steep paved with a typial paving stone, which open onto squares and breathtaking points. Visit the Cathedral, within which there are many eighteenth century paintings and a sundial in the darkroom.

It is a fascinating place that boasts a beautiful old town, included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Magnificient buildings black and white stand guard at Baroque squares and bustling markets. The Etna lies a short distance to the bustling city and adds a touch of emotion.

The Aeolian islands do not need no introduction, they are one of nature’s most beautiful in the world.
On the island of Vulcano can bathe in the natural pools of mud, very healthy for the skin and lungs as inhaled the fumes of sulfur are very good for health. The black sand beaches are worth a visit.
Lipari, the largest and liveliest of the Aeolian Islands is well worth a visit for its beautiful old town to taste the capers and Malvasia!!!
Panarea, the most frequented island by VIPs, about his quiet beauty of its beaches and the complete absence of hidden machinery as it is prohibited from movement.
Stromboli is famous for the Sciara del Fuoco a great natural spectacle that allows you to see every night from the middle of the sea, the volcanic eruption with lava fountnains that rise into the sky for 50 meters.
Alicudi, Salina e Filicudi, ideal places for the relax they are the greenest islands and pristine wilderness.

Milazzo has a beautiful old town and a historic castle and its pensinsula that extends through north and it is a point of great natural charm dotted with rocky coves.

Famous for its medieval castle, which stands on a hill that overlooks and dominates the town of the same name. They are located about 900 meters above the sea level, it is one of the 9 municipalities of the island that are part of the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The thriving medieval village has become, for some years to now a favorite spot of tourists who want to discover the most authentic Sicily and wild for both the historical and architectural heritage and landscape for the folk traditions and gastronomy which it owns, worth a visit the megaliths of Agrimusco.

Palermo is less than 200 km from Medimare, so it is possible to visit it just in one day. With its cathedrals, its buildings, its markets, the vivacity of Palermo and the excellent food shall know make you live an unforgettable experience. To get an idea of the culture of this city you have to visit the old part, where the diversity of architectural styles and the nature of parmitani witness the passage of numerous foreign people who passed through here in the course of history. There has never been a single style or a single people in this artistic and ethnic mix.

S. Stefano di Camastra, a fantastic blue sea or the “land of ceramics”. So better known around the world this active center on the border of the provinces of Palermo and Messina. A particular country, the only one of its kind anywhere you turn, you see dishes, tiles, all made of colorful pottery. The fineworkmanship, the quality of the colors, the patience of the artists make a ceramics of Santo Stefnao a product searched everywhere.

A few kilometers from the campsite you can visit the shrine of the Black Virgin of Tindari with the archaelogical area and the greek theater. Located above the natural reserve of Marinello with its lakes and its beautiful beaches is a very interesting site from the natural and cultural point of view.

Taormina is situated in a spectacular position suspended between rocks and sea on a terrace of Tauro Mountain. It is a wonderful place, it has beautiful medieval churches, a famous greeek theater and stunning views of the Gulf of Naxos and Etna.

It is very interesting just a 5 kilometers from the spa baths of screener where you can make spa treatments (mud, aerosol, inhalation, insufflation etc) affiliated with the NHS behind regular reservation to combine physical fitness with a beach holiday at our camping there are particular rates for those who carry out the treatment.